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Illness & Its Emotional Connection

From more than 20 years practice as a holistic physician and international lecturer on healing, Dr. Bradley Nelson, creator of The Emotion Code, determined that more than 90 percent of illnesses have emotional causes. Emotion Code practitioner Sheryl Derderian discusses physical and emotional conditions that have been linked to trapped emotions and how she helps people release emotional baggage.

Sick? Signs You Have a Trapped Emotion

When emotions from past traumas are buried, they often resurface in the form of depression, anxiety or physical pain. Sheryl explains how she determines if "trapped" emotions are behind people's health problems.

Healing the Incurable

Medical statistics are often discouraging when it comes to success rates for healing conditions like fibromyalgia, lupus, or severe depression. Sheryl shares her own story of returning to health after being diagnosed with brain tumors, and how she was inspired to help others through The Emotion Code.

Past Trauma = Today's Back Pain

Researchers recently discovered that even before injury, back pain often begins in the brain. Sheryl explains how she helps people free themselves from the hidden underlying emotional causes of pain.

Depression: Can Magnets Work Better Than Meds?

1 in 10 Americans takes anti-depressant medications and of these 14 percent have been on prescription drugs more than 10 years. Sheryl discusses gentle, natural, drug-free methods for overcoming depression.

Heart-Walls: Do You Have One?

People wounded in love often experience inability to trust, give and receive love and establish meaningful relationships. These are symptoms that trapped emotions have built up a "heart-wall." Sheryl explains how she uses The Emotion Code to clear heart-walls, and the benefits people experience in health and happiness.

Conventional Medicine + Alternative Healing

As a nurse practitioner for 22 years and a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code, Sheryl shares information for integrating both approaches to achieve optimal health.

Stress-Proof Your Health

The links between psychological stress and physical illness are well proven, from hypertension to depressed immune function. Sheryl shares do-it-yourself techniques for relieving stress and bolstering energy and health.

Overweight? Emotional Causes and Cures

Sheryl explains the emotional triggers behind overeating, the invisible link between sadness and obesity, and five secrets people need to know to lose stubborn fat and get healthy.

The Holidays and Family Emotional Baggage

Mother's Day and Father's Day, family reunions and other holidays force us to confront relationships that may be far from ideal. Sheryl explains how to release your baggage to improve your relationships.

Healing Trapped Emotions in Pets

New research is confirming that dogs experience emotions similar to humans. Sheryl discusses the surprising variety of emotions felt by pets and how The Emotion Code is being used to help pets feel and behave better.

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